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Callaway Plumbing and Drains Ltd. has more than 15 years experience in residential and commercial drain cleaning in Victoria, BC.

When you experience a blockage, there are a few solutions. You can try to plunge the drain, use a hand snake from a hardware store, or use harsh chemicals to remove the blockage and potentially damage your plumbing even more.

Why risk it?

We have over 15 years of experience, as well as a specialized drain cleaning machine that will remove the clog quickly and professionally. We will remove the blockage, clean up, and give you tips for the future to avoid further clogs from occurring. We are professional, and the only evidence that we ever came will be the perfectly flowing bathroom we left behind.

Don’t have a clog but are still experiencing issues? With 15 years of experience, we have seen everything. We will quickly identify the problem, and then fix it.

Additionally, we inform you of ways to prevent your drains from slowing down, clogging or blocking. We can design preventive maintenance programs to help keep your life flowing in the right direction.

We are professional, prompt, reliable, honest and clean.

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Sewer Lines

Tree Root penetrating sewer pipeYour sewer line is the main 4 inch drain line that leaves your home or business. It receives all the water and waste that enters any drain from the inside of your home or building. Over time, debris and minerals will build up inside, causing the flow of water to slow and eventually stop. With our power snake, cutters, and extensive experience we can remove and cut all buildup and blockages within your sewer pipe. Additionally, older homes in Victoria, BC may be vulnerable to pipe damage from tree roots. This is due to older homes being built with Vitrified clay pipe that was up to code at the time of construction. This pipe is able to be penetrated by growing tree roots, which results in leakage and damage to your property. We have the equipment to cut the roots from your clogged pipe and get things going again. We are also capable of replacing your older pipes to prevent further risk to your home. Drain cleaning in Victoria, BC is our specialty.

Bathroom Drains

Your bathroom drains are one of the most likely culprits of blockages. Between the hair, soap build, and cleaning supplies that enter your shower, bathtub, toilet, and bathroom basin on a daily basis, is it any surprise why they get clogged? We can drain clean these fixtures with our professional power equipment and have them flowing like new again.

Kitchen Drains

Kitchen Sink InstallationYour kitchen sink goes through a lot on a day to day basis. Accumulated grease, soap, detergent, and food debris are among the most common culprits we find. We will remove any source of drain distress, ensure your kitchen drain flows like new, and clean up after the job is done.


Laundry drain diagramLaundry drains and tubs are especially vulnerable to soap and lint buildup, and are the most common type of drain blockage. Although we can’t wash your clothes for you, we can drain clean to remove the blockage quickly, clean up, and let you get on with your day.

Perimeter Drains

Roots inside clay tiles

Perimeter drains are one of the most important drains on any property. They protect your home or business from rain water flooding and the resultant damage. The most common cause of blockages are from tree roots and sediment build up. With our expertise and power drain cleaning equipment we can root out sediment, and remove any tree roots that are causing any buildup or blockages. To drain clean these drains we enter through the rain water leader access points at ground level and use our professional drain cleaning equipment and water to flush any the sediment. Perimeter drain cleaning in Victoria, BC in our specialty.

24/7 Service

24-7At Callaway Plumbing and Drains Ltd. you get it all. We offer regular working hours then offer after hours 24/7 Emergency drain cleaning hours. Give us a call and you will always talk to a licensed service technician.

We cover Greater Victoria, Saanich, Westshore, Sidney, Oak Bay, North Saanich and Brentwood Bay.

If you have a clog and need it dealt with ASAP, give the Pro’s at Callaway Plumbing and Drains Ltd. a call to get your drain unclogged or your plumbing problem taken care of 24/7. We guarantee the problem will be fixed, and the mess cleaned.

Help is just a Call-A-Way!

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