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Backflow Testing & Installations

CALLAWAY Plumbing and Drains Ltd. is a certified and active (back flow)cross control tester with BCWWA and being a journeyman plumber can also install and or repair backflow devices.

Back flow devices are installed to protect the public drinking water from any back flow or backsiphonage that may occur.

Back flow prevention device are in schools and universities, restaurants, condominiums, swimming pools, clinics, and other similar properties, Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) is likely needed. It is used to prevent back flow caused by back pressure or backsiphonage, where minor or moderate hazards exist. More back flow prone properties, such as chemical manufacturing companies, waste water treatment plants, restaurants, car washes, automotive garages, food processing plants, hospitals, dental clinics, and mortuaries, the solution to preventing back flow would be in the form of a Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly (RPBA). It is used to prevent back flow for any risk level, up to and including severe back flow hazards found at these properties.

The CRD on Vancouver Island does inspections of commercial properties to make sure devices are in place and are being tested annually, they will usually send out notices to inform you it is time for testing. It is important to test so we can keep the public water system free from any contamination.

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