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This is not how the electrical should be installed for a pump station

This not how the electrical should be installed for a pump station

If you have electrical outside for a sanitary sewer pump station make sure it is above ground and in proper water proof boxes. All electrical from the circuit panel should be done by a electrical contractor to and outlet for plug in or be hard wired to pump and switch. CALLAWAY Plumbing and Drains ltd. was called to this clients house for a toilet problem and found the house was on a sanitary pump station.  With some troubleshooting and finding that the pump station was buried and the electrical outlet in dirt and water.  We contacted an electrician to find the breaker that was improperly labelled and had also not tripped we were able to excavate safely to expose and install new float switch which had failed, install a high water alarm which signals there is a problem before flooding the basement, install new water proof box and conduit to station, then have the contents pumped out to ensure clean. The customer now has a working pump station with no more problems with everything easily accessible. Remember to look after and maintain as a new pump can be costly and call CALLAWAY Plumbing and Drains ltd. if you have concerns, need an inspection, installations or repairs.  250.216.7159

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