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Bathroom odour problem

This is how the p-trap was capped

This is how the p-trap was capped

CALLAWAY Plumbing and Drains Ltd. was called in to troubleshoot a odour problem coming from both bathrooms in a house that was recently purchased. Upon entering the crawl space we found that under one of the bathrooms there was an existing shower drain that was capped off with taped and had backed up due to a blockage in the drain line.

We cut out the drain line and then drain cleaned and capped the line with the proper plumbing fittings and clue.

Under the second bathroom we found that the vent line which also serves as the bathroom sink drain (wet vent) was attached to the ABS pipe with duct tape, the waste arm for the toilet was also plumbed incorrectly.  We cut all this improper plumbing for the bathroom and then re plumbed to meet with the plumbing code and then had the work inspected.

This client had paid a home inspector to check the house before she purchased and all this was missed and a lot of other issues as well.  Give CALLAWAY Plumbing and Drains Ltd. a call we have the skills and knowledge to look over the plumbing system of your house to make sure things are done right and safe.

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