blocked bathroom sinkDoes your sink drain slow or fill  when you wash your hands or brush your teeth?  Unclogging a sink is not that difficult, when you have the right equipment.

As a homeowner you can try and plunge your sink, when you attempt this make sure to block the overflow with a cloth to prevent any air from entering the system.

Another option is to purchase a hand snake from  a hardware store and attempt to clear the clogged sink.  Using any of the harsh chemicals can be very dangerous to you, your family, the plumbing fixture and our environment.

The Pro’s at CALLAWAY Plumbing and Drains Ltd. have professional equipment to fix your clogged sink promptly and save you the time and the headache, we will unclog your sink, clean up, and also give you tips on how to prevent build ups which turn into a clogged sink. For the BEST rates and service in Victoria, BC. call CALLAWAY Plumbing and Drains Ltd.

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